When decorating our dream home, most of us find it hard to even imagine a living room without a sofa. It does not matter whether you dream of a plush Recliner Sofa set or a Traditional sofa set, corner sofas or sectional sofas, every living room feels painfully incomplete without a beautiful sofa to set a tone for conversations.But when it comes to purchasing a sofa online, most of us are lost and find it surprisingly difficult to pick the right one that fits perfectly into your room. For the vast majority of us who are not interior decorators or architects, picturing every fragment of detail that needs to be understood before selecting a sofa, is not a walk in the park.

So here we have compiled for you some very useful tips that will help you select the right sofa set for your living room.

Size it Up: Before actually checking out various sofa options online, you must first take a step back and take a good look around your living room to decide how much space you actually want to allocate for the sofa. Just because there is room does not mean that you get the biggest sized sofa possible. A sofa set can only blend well into the room if it gives enough space for all other pieces of accessories and decorations around the room, without making it look too crammed or dingy. Find the right corner or wall that you want the sofa to be placed and measure out exactly how much space you can allot for it. Now that you have the measurements, you can filter the options online and narrow down your search.

Room for Everyone: A lot of people get confused when deciding the number of seats the sofa set should have. Maybe you have a small family, maybe it’s just you and your partner (or pet), or maybe your home moonlights as a dorm for your ever expanding social circle. Whatever the case maybe, make sure your sofa set has ample space for all members of your household (at least the permanent ones). Depending on this, you might want to pick a 3+1+1 traditional sofa set or maybe a 6-seater corner sofa set, or maybe a simple one-seater recliner sofa for yourself.

Décor Uniformity: With so many world class furniture and décor designs available online it’s quite natural for one to lose the sense of aesthetic orientation while decorating the living room. Here’s a simple tip – make sure that you stick to the same kind of fabric or leather to do all your living room furniture upholstery, so that nothing feels out of pl犀利士 ace. Also exercise caution and do not be tempted to purchase artifacts and décor that have nothing to do with your sofa or living room tone – for eg: a bohemian style wall hanging might look very interesting, but would be the wrong choice for your sophisticated Italian make sofa and furniture collection.

Paint Her Right: Most online sofa stores provide ample selection of fabric and leatherette colour combinations to pick from. Make the best use of this and choose the colour that compliments your drapes, walls and room lightings the best. A wrong combination of colours in your living room is the last thing you need to talk about when inviting friends over. It is ideal that rooms have a combination of more than one colour furniture, as opposed to some who like to get everything in single colour. For eg: a completely white sofa set against off- white drapes and a cream wall can make the room feel incomplete and dull.